Identity Card
Every student will be issued an identity card. The student is required to carry his or her Identity Cards during college hours and produce it when asked by any college authority.
No student will be allowed to enter college campus without his/her Identity Card.
In case of the loss of the card it is duty of student to obtain duplicate Identity Card immediately by paying nominal fees.
The identity card valid only for duration of the course in which the student has got the admission.

Regular attendance for all academic work is compulsory. All students admitted to various course will be required to execute binding for regular and punctual attendance for all academic session like lecture, practical and seminars. Strict action will be taken against defaulters.
Attendance will be recorded in every period. Absence even for a period or late reporting will be considered as absence for the whole day.
Student may be granted leave only for genuine reason after submitting leave application in writing to concern authority.

Library will remain open during college hours on all working days.
Silence should be kept within the library.
Text books and reference books will be issued as per the rules and regulation of the college library.
In case of loss or damage of books, the student will have to bear the expenses of the books or replace the same.
Books borrowed from the library would be kept for the specific period, defaults will be fined.

General Behaviour and Discipline
Everyday the college begins with prayer. Every Student is expected to consider this sa his/her bounden duty to offer prayer.
Roaming about in lobbies or near classrooms, talking loudly, making unhealthy comments, creating chaos and disorder in the college premises is prohibited.
Chewing pan, consuming tobacco or any other intoxicating materials are strictly prohibited.
It is desired that without prior permission of the principal, any relative / friend / outsider should not contact the student directly during the college schedule.
Students are strictly warned against copying during examination; defaulters will be expelled from the examination.
Use of mobile phone in college premises is strictly prohibited.
Misuse of internet facility is strictly banned.
Active / passive involvement in politics is neither conductive to good academic pursuits nor is compatible with serious studies. It is therefore expected that every student shall guard himself / herself against political allurements.
If a student has been found to have violated any rules and shown misconduct, disciplinary action may be taken by the management.